Q: Where do I get my API Key?

A:  In order to use the Turn 14 Distribution app by Data Here-To-There, you must be an active, in good standing T14 dealer.

If you’re already a dealer:

  •  Log into the Turn14 web site (turn14.com)
  •  Go to the “Control Panel” section
  •  Click on the “API” tab
  •  Scroll down to the “API Credentials” section to find your Client ID and Secret

If you don’t have credentials yet, apply for an API account and your T14 Sales Representative will approve shortly!  Come back to this page to get your credentials once you receive your approval email.

If you have any difficulties obtaining your API credentials, please reach out to Turn 14 Distribution’s API Support team at apisupport@turn14.com.  

Not a dealer but interested in becoming one?  You can learn more about the process and obtain an application here:  http://www.turn14.com/become_customer

Q: How do I get started with the Turn 14 app?

A: The first step is to enter your Turn 14 API key and secret:


The app is located under the “Apps” section of the Shopify admin:  


Then select the brands you’d like to import by tapping the “Brands” button. It will take some time to load the brands.  The Status window will show the progress.

This will let you try out the app and see how it works. If you like it and want to continue using the app after the 2-week trial period, you don’t need to do anything. Shopify will start to charge you the $99 USD/month… and you can focus on honing your Shopify site and building your business!

Q: Is there anything important I need to know before I get started using the app to populate my store with products? Are there any limitations?

A: The only limitation there is you won’t be able to add products from other suppliers using the app, just Turn 14 (though their catalog is quite extensive – 390,000 SKU’s!) Also Shopify slows down your upload speed to 1,000 per day after the first 50,000 – for some Shopify accounts. If you have a Shopify Plus store you should be fine. Otherwise, if you want to add a lot of brands, it’s important that you use your Filters to limit or curate the products that will appear in your store.

Do click on the Help button you will find at the bottom of each screen. Though you can still let us know if you have any questions. Just email support@dataheretothere.com. Happy Turn 14 Distribution app-ing!