FAQ – Turn 14 Distribution API App for Shopify

Q: Where do I get my API Key? A:  In order to use the Turn 14 Distribution app by Data Here-To-There, you must be an active, in good standing T14 dealer. If you’re already a dealer:  Log into the Turn14 web site (turn14.com)  Go to the “Control Panel” section  Click on the “API” tab  Scroll […]

How to use Excel to make a Category Filter

Here is a quick tip for getting a list of the most recent categories from your data feed.  This can be used when building a Category Filter or mapping names in the Categories tab of your Product Mapper. The first step is to get a list of the latest categories from the data feed. i.e. […]

There’s no such thing as FREE shipping

People hate shipping fees.  They rank up there with getting a root canal. A customer will choose a store that claims to have “free shipping”. But is it really free? Not really.  The shipping fees are embedded into the products.  That way, the checkout can show “$0 shipping”. The customer is still paying for shipping […]

Which platform should I use for my store?

Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, 3dCart, eBay, Amazon, SEOCart, Gambio GX3, PrestaShop, BigCommerce, the list goes on.  Let me tell you – they’re not all equal. Picking the right one can make a huge difference in the success of your store. Let’s start by separating the Web Stores from the Marketplaces. Web Stores have the most freedom […]

Three things you need to get right when selling aftermarket parts online

Selling online can be overwhelming.  There are so many choices and moving parts to consider.  But no matter what you do, here are some essential survival tips for selling aftermarket parts online. MAP Pricing Minimum Advertised Price (or MAP) will make or break your store. Some brands will assign a minimum price that you can […]

Filtering: what is it good for?

Product Filtering and Curation A lot of suppliers have thousands and thousands of products. So why use filtering to narrow it down? Because when your customers have a world of choice available to them, filtering will help you run your store efficiently enough to put you ahead of the competition. For that you want customization aka […]

What is meant by “Order Synchronization”?

  Online store owners are constantly in search of new ways to streamline their operations. With eCommerce growing at a ferocious rate, it becomes more and more necessary to deliver orders to your customers with accuracy and efficiency. Continued loyalty of customers might even come to depend on your ability to fulfill their unique specifications […]


hi Have anyone used the banggood data updating here through dataheretothere? I want to use this service as banggood need you to be VIP and sell $10 000 1st, but how can you do this if you cant even import their products?   any advice  please ?

Category Mapping

Welcome to Data Here-to-There Ask An Expert, a series where our integration specialists tackle real questions from store owners who want to launch, build, and scale their stores. We can get you all the way from first store… to full-fledged marketplace. Who are we? We’re the ecommerce data integration experts. We have integrated dozens of your stores, connecting them […]

The ImageFinder

Bad supply data is everywhere. The worst is when you get products without images. How can your customers tell what they are buying if they can’t see it? E-Commerce is mysterious enough – virtual products appear online and we order them. We hope that reality matches the online experience. So why make them guess what […]