Keystone-to-Shopify? We can get you there.

Running an online store is easy... until you actually do it.

Maybe you already have your own auto shop selling parts, have been running it successfully for years, and if you just had an online store you could sell even more parts. So how do you go about the business of setting up this online store and get parts from Keystone to Shopify?

Maybe you’ve heard that auto parts dropshipping is the way to go. And it is a super easy way to start! As the market leader ecommerce platform, Shopify is a popular option. Just set up (or pay someone to set up) your website, pick your dropship suppliers, and away you go. And dropshipping means that you don’t have to carry inventory; instead you can just connect your store to the supplier or suppliers of choice, list the items you want available in your store, and when customers choose those items, the system will automatically handle the purchase and sale of those items, and have them shipped to your customer. 

What could be easier? Nothing! Right?

But then after you get started you find out that there are, ahem, a few questions that need to be answered. 

Like, how do you set your prices to be competitive, maybe even responsive to market trends? (Hint: check our blog posts on dynamic pricing and Three things you need to get right when selling aftermarket parts online).

Which suppliers do you choose? The ones with the lowest prices, so you can earn a higher profit margin, or do you go for the higher-quality parts that come with snazzy-looking images plus all the other data bells and whistles that make your store look good? We think that to compete successfully in the online auto parts business, you need a supplier that can provide you with all of the above: a) an extensive catalog  b) great logistics and fulfillment c) excellent customer service and sales support. We like Keystone because, in our experience with our own customers, we can confidently report that they score high in all these areas. 

Once you have your supplier and parts picked out, how do you get all those parts loaded into your store, and ensure that your data is accurate, up-to-date and appealing to your customers? This is our process in a nutshell.


Picking the right pricing strategy (if you don't it can cost you plenty)

When you’re starting your online auto parts store, there can be a few decisions to make. Some might even call them challenges. We can help you get a handle on those. For instance you need to decide on a pricing strategy for your store. These are just a few of the available options. Do you choose…
  • Warehouse price plus a markup?
  • MSRP? (hint: this might price you out of competition)
  • MAP? (hint: make sure none of your prices are below this!)
  • Category/competitive based pricing (hint: these strategies can be effective, but are more advanced and therefore difficult to manage on your own).
Or you can just set up your store with us. We’ll let you know all the pricing strategy options available. Once you pick what’s best for your store, we will make it happen… automatically. Pricing can be adjusted at any time, like when you want a special for Black Friday or Christmas. Having your store automated with Data Here-to-There means you can even have dynamic pricing. Now how cool would that be?
price tags

How to not have a fit (about fitment)​

vehicle fitment
If you get your parts from a parts distributor, they will provide you with very basic data: manufacturer part number, name, and pricing – but they will not provide you with any of the other data you need.

Auto parts data is complex.

The big platforms like BigCommerce and  Shopify are great universal platforms, but you are going to need to enhance your data with year-make-model lookup functionality to make it in the auto parts business.

We load everything that you need to sell parts online – part numbers, shipping dimensions, marketing information, titles, descriptions, weights, images, categories – and fitment. How can we do this for you when the competition can’t? By connecting your store to a wide range of parts data sources: ASAPSEMADCiPartsHubOpticatParts Authority, and others.  

Data quality management and why it matters

Those just preparing to enter the e-commerce market may imagine that the quality of the data available for your auto parks online catalog is fine, maybe even excellent. But in reality the online auto parts industry is still in its early phase, and plenty of money is already being made with relative ease, so there is little pressure on the platform providers and dropship suppliers to provide the high-quality data that you need for your store. So the quality is not always exactly… shall we say… top notch. So how can you get your data “clean” before it loads into your store confuses your potential customers with missing images, unclear titles, or even missing or (gasp) incorrect fitment data?


Why our customers love Keystone:

Keystone has been selling auto parts for 50+ years
Their system is easy to use
185,000+ unique SKUs
800+ suppliers


Why our customers love SEMA:

Largest industry data repository
Unlimited data exports
Free to SEMA members
Full PIES & ACES xml

Shopify logo


Why our customers love Shopify:

Widely considered to be the best ecommerce platform on the market today
Provides everything you need to start
"Buy" button lets you embed any product
Supports 100+ payment systems

Why trust your auto parts store integration to Data Here-to-There?

Do you have automotive parts from different suppliers?  Multiple sales channels?  No problem!  Data Here-to-There is the right fit for your supply chain.
  • Choose any platform: Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop, 3dcart, eBay Motors, BigCommerce, and more!
  • Add new brands and products automatically
  • Keep your prices and margin accurate while enforce MAP pricing
  • Automatically send orders back to your suppliers: Keystone, Premier, TransAmerican, Meyer Distributing, etc.
  • Automatically resize and optimize large SEMA images 
The online auto parts industry is booming.  But how do you get those parts from data feeds offered by SEMA, DCi, PartsHub, ASAP, or Opticat into your store?  Your customers want an aftermarket shopping experience that has all the convenience of Amazon, with the selection of the mega suppliers like Keystone.  

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Want to sell on something other than Shopify?

We can help you get set up on Magento, eBay Motors, 3DCart, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, … or just about any other platform you’d like to use. Check out some of these other options we support.

A few of our suppliers

We connect all of the major wholesale distributors – Keystone, Hanson, Motor State, NPW, Parts Authority, Transamerican, and others.  We can also set up smaller Excel-based brands for you.  Just ask if you don’t see the one you want in this list.