Here is a quick tip for getting a list of the most recent categories from your data feed.  This can be used when building a Category Filter or mapping names in the Categories tab of your Product Mapper.

The first step is to get a list of the latest categories from the data feed. i.e.

  1. Go to the “processed” folder, for example: /connections/my-store-connection/runtime/supplier/010-extract/processed
  2. Copy the “category.csv” file and open it in Excel
  3. Remove the SKU and position columns.  This leaves just the category names.
  4. Select all columns and do a “remove duplicates’ action so that it’s down to a unique list
  5. Custom sort by column1,2,3,4

This can then be copied into the Product Mapper “Categories” tab and “Category Filter” tab where you can make edits.

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