D&H Dropship Images

Missing dropship images

D&H provides great products.  They publish a data feed that we use to keep our client stores fresh.  It contains the product titles, descriptions, prices, and other things that are typically needed for a catalog.

But it has a common problem – missing images.

The FTP location (ftp.dandh.com) has a standard repository that dropshippers access to get the latest images.  There is a single image per product that you can match by SKU.  Taking a random look at the thumbnails we can see there are lots of placeholders:

Lots of “Image Not Available” and Lenovo brand logo images.

How can you sell products with placeholder images?  Or completely missing images?  It’s not easy.  Most people want to see what they are buying.

If you are using Shopify the Image Finder app can help you to find matching product images and import them into your store.  We can also provide the same thing for WooCommerce and other carts.

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